One of the most important components of IBTA's mission is to help people from around the world to acquire knowledge and skills with methods and tools of modern TRIZ and Systematic Innovation for Business and Management. To ensure the highest degree of quality of education and training, IBTA certifies and accredits trainers to deliver training programs of several levels of advancement. IBTA develops training curricula and certification criteria to be followed by its accredited trainers and certification specialists. All the documents establishing the contents of the training programs and certification demands and criteria will be presented at this website.

Those who successfully completed a specific IBTA-approved training program and confirmed their skills either through training reports or through successfuly passing certification tests obtain registered and numbered international certificates of a relevant degree from IBTA signed by an accredited trainer and Chair of IBTA.

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IBTA curriculum will cover necessary stages to prepare and award the degree of TRIZ Master of Business and Management.

Please check these two documents presenting IBTA requirements for certification: 


List of currently certified specialists by IBTA

At the moment we undertake efforts to develop a joint curriculum for certification together with the International TRIZ Official Association (MATRIZ Official).

In case if you are inerested how to get certification training please contact us.