• Knowledge of general concepts of business innovation.
  • Knowledge of basic TRIZ fundamentals, ideality, system operator, contradiction, conflict of demands.
  • Understanding the key TRIZ paradigm of innovating through problem solving.
  • Skills with analyzing inventive problems by decomposing a general innovative problem to manageable subproblems.
  • Skills to formulate inventive problems in terms of contradictions.
  • Skills to apply TRIZ tools to eliminate contradictions and target ideality.
  • Ability to apply complete problem solving process with TRIZ tools.


  • Knowledge and skills of level 1.
  • Knowledge of methods of modeling systems in TRIZ, including function and function-ideal modeling.
  • Skills with analyzing business systems to identify function-related problems.
  • Ability to rank problems identified.
  • Anility to solve identified problems with Standard Inventive Solutions for business and management.
  • Knowledge of techniques of trimming.
  • Skills with drastic cost cutting of business systems and products without reducing values of critical parameters.
  • Skills with evaluating and Roadmapping ideas generated.


  • Knowledge and skills of levels 1 - 2.
  • Understating of business systems evolution strategies.
  • Skills with tools to analyze business systems and business products to extract their evolutionary potential.
  • Knowledge of laws of business systems evolution.
  • Knowledge and ability to apply trends, lines and patterns of business systems evolution.
  • Skills with performing Roadmapping of ideas for future business systems.
  • Ability to perform investigation of potential failures in innovative systems that have not been implemented yet.
  • Knowledge and skills with techniques and methods of creative imagination development.


  • Knowledge and skills of levels 1 - 3.
  • Ability to successfully apply the TRIZ tools within three certification levels and achieve specific measurable results.
  • Experience with successful TRIZ applications in real projects.
  • Full or partial use of TRIZ in professional activities.


  • Knowledge and skills of levels 1 - 4.
  • Knowledge of theoretical TRIZ foundations.
  • Knowledge and skills with TRIZ tools at three levels of certification plus additional TRIZ tools.
  • Ability to independently apply TRIZ tools in actual projects and achieve successful measurable results.
  • Skills to perform research on TRIZ development.
  • Experience with TRIZ research. Publications related to TRIZ research and development.
  • Training skills with TRIZ and experience with conducting TRIZ training.
  • Full or partial use of TRIZ in professional activities.